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Why Seasons Make No Sense

Key Facts In This Video

  1. In most of the Northern Hemisphere, the coldest quarter of the year begins several weeks before the solstice, or official start of winter. The same goes for summer. Solar winter and summer, the quarters with the least and most daylight, respectively, put the solstice in the middle of their seasons, not the beginning. 00:35

  2. Places near oceans and lakes experience greater lags between more solar energy and warmer weather, and the opposite happens in winter. For them, the start of warm and cold seasons shift to line up more closely with the solstices. For everyone else, the seasons don't line up with the solstices that well. 01:26

  3. A lot of our modern four-season system can be attributed to the Romans. Because they were insulated by so much water, the temperatures they experienced lined up neatly with the solstices. This system was applied to a whole hemisphere, even though it didn't make a lot of sense in a lot of places. 02:00