You've Shared Your Air With Einstein

You've Shared Your Air With Einstein

Not only that, but you've probably breathed in some of the molecules from one of Einstein's most momentous breaths—the one after he wrote his famous relativity equation, for example. Various people have used the math demonstrated below to determine that the air we breathe has been shared with countless famous figures in the past. Even when you account for molecules lost due to various processes, the chances that you've inhaled the same stuff as your favorite historical icon are high.


from It's Okay To Be Smart

Key Facts In This Video

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    If the Earth was the size of a soccer ball, its atmosphere would only add about one millimeter to the surface. (0:51)

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    The atmosphere weighs about 5 x 10^21 grams. (1:55)

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    Each time you inhale, you breathe in about one liter of air. (2:15)

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