You've Probably Never Tasted A Kobe Beef Steak

Would you order a $600 steak at a restaurant? People do it for Kobe beef, but it turns out they don't always get what they pay for. In fact, it's likely that U.S. diners are not getting Kobe beef when they order it, despite it being listed as such on the menu. According to the Kobe Beef Association, there are only eight restaurants in the U.S. that are certified to sell Kobe beef. Other places may just be calling it that on the menu for an excuse to jack up the price.

Kobe beef can cost up to $600 per steak, or around $55 per ounce, and it's considered to be the tastiest beef money can buy. But be careful before ordering. These are the only restaurants in the U.S. certified to sell the stuff, as reported by Inside Edition in April 2016: 212 Steakhouse Restaurant, New York, NY; Alexander's Steakhouse-Cupertino, Cupertino, CA; Alexander's Steakhouse-San Francisco Restaurant, San Francisco, CA; SLS Las Vegas - Bazaar Meat by José Andrés Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV; Jean Georges Steakhouse, Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV; Nick & Sam's Restaurant, Dallas, TX; Wynn Las Vegas – SW Steakhouse Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV; and Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera, Honolulu, HI. Watch the video below for more details on this exquisite meat.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 16, 2016

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