You're Probably Using The Wrong Hot Sauce

Do you use the same bottle of hot sauce whenever you want to add a kick to your food? You're probably not making that meal all it could be. Watch the video below to learn how to pair certain hot sauces with certain foods.

How To Pair Hot Sauce With Food

Franks Red Hot on popcorn? Not so fast.

The Agony And Ecstacy Of Capsaicin

Learn about this fiery compound.

5 Best Spicy Food Remedies

Nick Uhas and TJ Smith put them to the test.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Capsaicin is the ingredient that causes burning by binding to the VR1 receptor inside of your mouth. 00:51

  2. Milk chocolate dampens spice because of its high fat content. 02:10

  3. Casein, the protein found in milk, helps break the bond that capsaicin forms on the VR1 receptor. 04:32

Written by Curiosity Staff October 13, 2016

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