You're Probably Saying Many Of These Common Phrases Incorrectly

The English language is relatively tricky, making it pretty easy to mishear and misspeak some common conversational phrases. For example, have you ever said "for all intensive purposes"? It's a common mistake. The real saying is "all intents and purposes," and it was coined by King Henvry VII in an English act of Parliament. You're not alone in mixing this one up; it's been a commonly misspoken phrase for centuries. We could care less if you say this phrase wrong, but don't repeat this mistake. It's "couldn't care less," not "could care less." Get many more examples in the videos below.

6 Common Sayings You're Saying Wrong

No, it's not a "doggy-dog" world.

Everyday Phrases Even Smart People Say Incorrectly

Please don't say "I could care less."

25 Phrases You Might Be Saying Incorrectly

Have you said any of these incorrect phrases?

Written by Curiosity Staff July 28, 2016

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