Your Eyes Haven't Evolved to Stare at Screens All Day

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You wake up and look at your phone. You turn on the TV while you eat breakfast. You check your phone during your commute. At the office, you stare at a computer until lunch, when you look at your phone again. Check that phone on the commute home. Kiss your significant other. Turn on the TV while you eat dinner. After dinner, watch TV while you're on your tablet. Crawl into bed, turn out the lights and stare at your phone until everything goes blurry.

Congratulations, you've just essentially stared into the Eye of Sauron for 18 hours. Feel like your eyes hurt? You're not alone.

Blinded By The Light

To cut down on eye strain, some experts suggest the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It also helps to, you know, close your eyes periodically. But even if you do that and lower the brightness on your screens, you're still blasting your eye holes with a constant barrage of photons.

If you spend a significant amount of your day staring at a screen, it's worth equipping your eyes with the best defense possible. Felix Gray offers sweet-looking glasses that cut down on blue light and eliminate glare, allowing you to tweet, watch YouTube, and dominate World of Warcraft for hours without eye strain. Wear these with the "Clockwork Orange" eyedropper rig and you'd never need to blink again.

"There is still a lot of research to be conducted regarding the effects of blue light," said ophthalmologist Dr. Nirupa Cuttler. "However, we do know that digital devices emit blue light and can contribute to digital eye strain. Wearing blue light filtering glasses helps lessen the symptoms of digital eye strain and improves eye comfort while using digital devices."

What's In a Frame?

Our Curiosity audience loves increasing their productivity, but it's easy to fall behind on work when your eyes start acting up on you. Sixty percent of Americans say they've been affected by Digital Eye Strain. That means headaches, dry eyes, and even blurred vision or eye fatigue. Although we evolved over millions of years, it'll take another million or so until we have built-in eye membranes to protect us from the digital light.

Felix Gray steps in where evolution has failed us. Their lenses properly filter the blue light and eliminate the glare that causes most of those eye problems. When you slip them on, there's a slight but noticeable difference. It even dims the blue of the sky a slight bit. But when you look at your screens, everything is still bright and clear, just less aggressive. (We wouldn't have described our screens as aggressive until we saw the difference.)

You can grab a pair of the non-prescription glasses, but if you need a little magnification, Felix Gray offers reading lenses, too. That means you can kick back with your Kindle and still read from a distance without the strain. And we give them major bonus points for naming each of their frame designs after geniuses like Turing, Nash, Faraday, and Jemison.

And in addition to looking sharp while saving your eyes, wearing glasses can also help you land a job. Imagine if Superman gained powers while wearing his Clark Kent frames. That's basically what we've got going on here.

To pick up a pair of Felix Gray glasses, just click here. And tell 'em Curiosity sent you.

Written by Ben Bowman October 30, 2017
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