Your Burnt Toast Can Be Made Into Diamonds

Given the right circumstances, any type of carbon can be made into diamonds. To take a severely burnt piece of toast and turn it into a diamond, it must be ground down and squeezed into a mold. From there, it is taken to a special machine that can apply pressure to it that is 60,000 times greater than our atmosphere. The burnt toast will then naturally turn into diamond. Before you start thinking about making your own sparkling diamond jewelry from smoldering toast, know this: two pieces of ground-up burnt toast will produce a microscopic diamond, invisible to the human eye. Magnifying the diamond 10,000 times will make it visible to you.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The majority of diamonds used in industry are grown synthetically. 00:20

  2. Given the right conditions, you can make diamond out of any type of carbon. 00:42

  3. Mineral hardness is measured in what's called the Mohs scale. 01:35

Written by Curiosity Staff November 13, 2015

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