You'll Likely Be Happier If You Choose Time Over Money

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It's a classic debate: Time or money? Money or time? Though the two aren't quite interchangeable, it may seem like you can't have one if you have the other. So, which should you choose? According to research, you should choose time over money if you like being happy. (But wouldn't it be easier if we could all just have both?)

In a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science in May 2016, the majority of the participants favored having more money over more time. However, choosing more time was associated with overall higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction. But, you may be thinking, what if the people who chose time over money already had plenty of money? The research controlled for existing levels of available time and money. While the value of money is easy to quantify, the value of time is a little trickier, which may make it more difficult to value. So, which would you choose? Watch the videos below for more about the relationship between time and money.

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