You Should Not Eat From The Fondue Fork

It's not every day that you eat fondue for dinner. And as such, you may not know some of the etiquette involved in doing it right. For example, keep your fondue fork out of your mouth. Sure, it's very tempting to set the cheesy morsel of bread flying for your tongue as soon as it's dipped, but you should put it onto your plate and eat it with your standard fork. Get more fodue tips, check out these videos.

Tips For Eating Fondue The Right Way

Though you may want to try to sausage right away, start with the bread.

How To Make Cheese Fondue

Now that you know how to eat it, put your skills to the test.

How To Make Chocolate Fondue

Let's moveto dessert, shall we?

Written by Curiosity Staff September 28, 2016

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