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You Might Have Tonsil Stones Stuck In Your Throat

Have you ever felt an irritating lump in your throat, then peered into the mirror with an audible gasp? You've spotted a white-ish, yellowish tonsil stone. Not only do tonsil stones make your throat sore—they're also pretty stinky. But what are these things, and how did they lodge themselves into your tonsillar crypts? Find out in the following video, then learn more about mouth health.

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Why Do I Have Tonsil Stones?

Your tonsillar crypts collect dead cells, extra mucus, and food debris. YUM.

The Stinkiest Bacteria In Your Mouth Don't Live On Your Teeth

The smell of your breath comes mostly from waste produced by bacteria, who dine on the leftover food particles and dead skin in your mouth.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Mouth bacteria aren't all bad. Some cause cavities and gum disease, but others can protect against more dangerous bacteria. 00:27

  2. Your saliva usually keeps bacterial colonies under control, but at night, you don't produce as much saliva. 00:39

  3. Bacteria produce odor-causing compounds as waste products, including hydrogen sulfide, methanthiol, isovaleric acid, and cadaverine. 01:02

Written by Curiosity Staff February 8, 2017

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