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You May Have Never Heard Of These Crazy Natural Phenomena

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Nature never ceases to stun, confuse, impress, and even scare people around the world every day. There are plenty of natural phenomena out there that you you may have never even heard of that are out of this world. Fire whirls, for example, are literal tornadoes of fire. These rare events occur when when a tornado spins too closely to a forest fire, or when there is a heavy concentration of heat in a small area. A cooler example is the snow roller. Another rare event, these giant mounds of snow occur when a chunk is broken off and rolls down a hill forming what looks like a giant wheel made of snow. They are basically snowy tumbleweeds.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Fire whirls are basically tornadoes covered in fire. 00:41

  2. Brinicles are known as "the ice finger of death." 01:06

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