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You Can Swim in Warm Pools of Beer at Starkenberger's Castle

Beer lovers, you might want to consider taking your next vacation to Austria. More specifically, to the Austrian brewer Starkenberger's Castle where you can literally immerse yourself in beer.

The castle boasts the world's only beer swimming pools. They're old fermenting vats filled with warm beer. There are seven 4-meter-deep pools (13 feet), and each pool contains about 42,000 pints of beer. The beer pools began in 2005 when the fermentation cellar become obsolete. Relaxing in the hot tubs of beer may actually be good for you. it's believed that the nutrients in the the beer help condition skin and may help cure wounds and psoriasis.

Reservations will set you back about $300 per pool with an additional $6.50 charge per person. (Budget tip: Bathe alone and only spend $306.50.) And don't get any crazy ideas - each pool is limited to four people.

Starkenberger's Castle

Written by Curiosity Staff June 21, 2016

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