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You Can Sit on the Dizzying Brink of a 300-Foot Waterfall at Devil's Pool

Relaxing in naturally carved pools of clear waters should be just that: relaxing. Devil's Pool on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe doesn't seem to fit the bill. This African adventurer's destination can be accurately described as the world's most dangerous infinity pool.

Image: arselectronica / Creative Commons

I Jump, You Jump

If you've got a fear of heights or generally dangerous scenarios, turn back now. Devil's Pool is a little pool of water that sits squarely on the ledge of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall on Earth. One slip and you'd plummet about 330 feet to — probably — your watery grave.

The routine goes like this: You jump into the pool during the dry season, and the current flowing toward the drop-off pulls you to the edge. Ha, fun, right? This terrifying adventure would take place between August and January when the water levels are a lower and a rock barrier emerges to contain you inside the pool. There's even a little rock nook on the interior of the barrier you can sit in. It's called the devil's armchair.

If you think this is all too incredibly bizarre to be true, you're not alone. Snopes even had to clear things up. Still iffy? Check out the dizzying Instagrams below:

Safety First

Now the elephant in the room: Do people, um, die here? According to a National Geographic report, one local said, "People have slipped and gone over the edge to their death. Not often, but it's happened. I wouldn't [dive in]." Other than that personal account, not much information exists on this site being particularly deadly. We probably have the tour guides to thank for the lack of fatal incidents. Safety first, ya'll!

Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls

Written by Joanie Faletto January 4, 2018

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