You Can Make Some Stoplights Turn Green More Quickly

Ever been stuck at a red light on a wide open road with zero other cars in sight? If you want to abide by the law (which you should), you need to wait until the light turns green. But can you speed up the process? While some stoplights are on a timer, others rely on sensors to tell it someone is waiting. Watch the video below to learn how to potentially make the light turn green more quickly, because, come on, we've got somewhere to be already.

How Can I Make A Traffic Light Turn Green?

A stoplight needs to know you're there waiting.

How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic

The more traffic jams you can avoid, the better. Turns out there's a science to keeping things moving on the road.

How To Stop A Car With No Brakes

Good to know, just in case.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. If your brakes go out on your car, pump your brakes to rebuild pressure of your braking system. 00:54

  2. The emergency brake on a car is a completely separate system from a car's normal brakes. 01:23

  3. If your brakes go out on your car, do not turn off your car. 02:11

Written by Curiosity Staff September 19, 2016

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