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You Can Literally Turn Water Into Wine With SodaStream's Sparkling Gold

The transformation of water into wine is the first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John. Certainly not a small feat. But it's 2017, and a lot has changed. Now, anyone can turn water into sparkling wine inside their own home. What a beautiful time to be alive.

It's a Miracle

At-home carbonation machines aren't new. And since they've arrived on the market, people have made some desperate and occasionally explosive attempts to carbonate booze. SodaStream, one such carbonation machine, just made all of our DIY sparkling wine dreams come true. On November 17, the big-time sparkling-water manufacturer debuted Sparkling Gold, an alcoholic concentrate that's added to sparkling water. This quite literally affords you the power to turn water into wine. Hallelujah!

Gold Rush

The Sparkling Gold concentrate comes in what looks like a decent bottle of champagne, but we're guessing it's a bad idea to take a swig. Once you fizz up a glass of tap water into sparkling water, just mix in the Sparkling Gold. Voilà — the end result is a sparkling wine that resembles a fruity riesling. By the way, it's important to sparkle-ize the water before adding in the concentrate, seeing as SodaStream and most other carbonators are only built to work with water. (This isn't dissimilar from the way soda fountains work — the syrup comes out in a separate stream from the carbonated water, finally combining in the glass.) Letting the machine go ham on any liquid with too much density or sugar could cause an explosion.

Assuming you followed all the rules, your glass of Sparkling Gold wine will, allegedly, be pretty tasty — a "sparkling tangy tongue pleaser," according to the press release. SodaStream conducted an independent taste test involving 100 people. 76 percent of them rated the resulting mixture on par with actual French champagnes like Moet & Chardon and Veuve Clicquot. Sparkling Gold contains 10 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) when prepared using the recommended mixing ratio (one part Sparkling Gold concentrate to five parts sparkling water). Used according to SodaStream's suggestions, a bottle of Sparkling Gold yields 12 glasses of wine. Bottom's up!

One little bummer, however. As of the date of publication, SodaStream's Sparkling Gold is set to be a limited edition product, and it'll only be available on the company's online shop in Germany. Prost!

Written by Joanie Faletto December 20, 2017