You Can Go To Hell... In Michigan

Depending on where you live, Hell may only be a short road trip away. Hell, Michigan, that is. The poorly named city sits just northwest of Ann Arbor and has been an official city in the state since 1841. There are many theories as to how to town got its name, but the website tells the story of the town's settler paying farmers with home-distilled whiskey, which led their wives to say their husband's have "gone to Hell again" when they were out of town during harvest season. Some of the attractions in Hell include putt-putt golf, canoeing, kayaking, Damnation University, a year-round Halloween shop, and the ability to become mayor of Hell for a day. Would you take a pitstop in Hell?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. There is a town in Michigan called Hell, which in German translates to "bright." 00:31

  2. There is a town in North Carolina named Boogertown. 01:16

  3. There is a town in Pennsylvania called Intercourse. 02:20

Written by Curiosity Staff December 18, 2015