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You Can Eat Underneath A Waterfall In The Philippines

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Where you're going, you won't need shoes... but you will need your appetite, and maybe a swimsuit. On the grounds of the Villa Escudero plantations and resort in the Philippines, you can eat lunch at the base of a waterfall. Yup. The Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant serves up local dishes between an artificial waterfall and a small river.

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No Shoes, No Problem

If you're looking for the ultimate Filipino cultural experience, enjoy a Kamayan-style Filipino buffet lunch at the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant. In this traditional dining style, you eat with your hands. If eating rice and local seafood from bamboo tables isn't enough to entice you, perhaps dining beside a real-life jungle waterfall will do the trick.

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As Atlas Obscura explains, Labasin Falls is not actually a natural waterfall. Instead, it's "the runoff from the Labasin Dam, the Philippines' first hydroelectric plant." Nevertheless, this casual dining experience allows guests to go shoeless and play in the waterfall throughout their meal. A unique lunch, to say the least.

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Have Fun, But Be Safe

Before you book a flight to the Philippines, take this pro tip—according to Villa Escudero's website, the buffet lunch is "highly weather-dependent." So keep an eye on the skies, then enjoy your exotic waterfall lunch. (Yes, we're jealous.)

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