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You Can Dine Completely Naked at These Unusual Restaurants

"No shirt, no shoes, no problem" is one thing. But at a few unusual restaurants around the world, patrons are encouraged to bare all before they dig in. Why not? After all, going out to eat naked saves you the time it takes to pick an outfit for date night.

For whatever reason, 2016 and 2017 were big for public nude dining. In that time, the world saw the successful run of one pop-up naked eatery and a few permanent birthday-suit restaurants. The fact that stripping down every once in a while may be good for your health could explain the phenomenon, but it's probably just the human curiosity for the risqué. Would you eat at any of these revealing spots?

Paris, France

In November 2017, Paris opened its first nude restaurant, aptly named O'Naturel. The spot fits 40 diners and offers meals for around $35. Guests are asked to remove all of their clothes upon entering, and ditch them in the restaurant's wardrobes. The inside of the restaurant, which understandably received immediate support from the Paris Naturist Association, is hidden from street view. It only makes sense in the city that, as of August 2017, boasts a "nudist zone" in its largest public park.

Tenerife, Spain

In January 2017, Innato Tenerife became the first nude restaurant in Spain. We can safely say this one is less based on the health benefits of being naked, and perhaps more on what the owners call its "orgasmic atmosphere." The island restaurant serves up an "aphrodisiac menu" that's served on the nude bods of male and female models. A popular item is the "happy endings," which is not what you think: the models smother themselves in chocolate so diners can dip strawberries off them. No room for shyness here.

London, England

The Bunyadi was the British pop-up restaurant that generated serious buzz in 2016. According to the owners, the restaurant came about to offer guests the chance "to experience true liberation." While the concept initially rose a few eyebrows, the wait list to dine at the restaurant quickly grew to more than 50,000 people. Who knew so many wanted to be nude?

Tokyo, Japan

In July 2016, the Amrita opened its doors, becoming Japan's first nude restaurant. If the Spanish spot is sexy and the French spot is natural, this eatery would best be described as exclusive. Besides having a hefty price tag on its meals (we're talking up to $563 per person), the restaurant gained itself quite the reputation for one particular rule: "We ask anyone more than 15 kg [33 lbs] above the average weight for their height to refrain from making a reservation." If you've got a fat wallet and a slim bod, you may still be rejected if you have any tattoos and are outside the 18-60 age range. In that case, just order delivery and let your hair down at home.

Written by Joanie Faletto December 19, 2017

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