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You Can Cut Through Rope With Rope Or String

Rope is meant to be sturdy, and it often requires pretty durable scissors to slice it. Often, but not always. There's a trick you can use to cut through rope using rope or string. It relies on friction and a sawing motion. See the learn the trick, and more escape skills, check out the handy videos below.

How To Cut Rope In An Emergency

All you need is rope or string.

6 Ways To Escape From Handcuffs, Zip Ties, And Duct Tape

Very handy survival skills.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Learn how to make a shim using hair barrettes to escape from handcuffs: 04:15

  2. Learn how to escape from zip ties: 09:12

  3. Learn how to escape from duct tape: 11:10

How To Escape A Choke Hold

Don't let them keep you down!

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