You Can Buy A Clone Of Your Dog

If your dog recently passed away, or you simply feel like having another, identical dog, Sooam Biotech in South Korea can help you out. Oh, but you'll also need $100,000. Sooam Biotech has developed a reliable method for cloning pooches. The company claims that it can copy any dog breed, and has already cloned hundreds of puppies for bereft owners using egg donors and surrogate mothers. The practice remains controversial for many people who balk at the price tag, and who rightly point out that a clone is still a different dog, personality-wise, from the original.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The company Sooam has cloned more than 600 dogs of various breeds. 01:09

  2. To clone a dog, Sooam needs an egg donor dog as well as a surrogate mother. 03:16

  3. Although cloned puppies can appear identical to the original dog, their personalities are shaped by the environment and other factors. 06:49

Written by Curiosity Staff April 25, 2016

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