You Can Build A Computer Out Of Dominoes

Chains of dominoes can be set up to represent logic gates and circuits, and are capable of "processing" information to give a result. Mathematician Matt Parker currently holds the record for domino computing, having built a computer out of more than 10,000 dominoes that successfully added binary numbers. The computer could take two 3-bit inputs and produce a 4-bit output, making it a 4-bit adder.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Watch a domino computer add together 4 and 6 to get 10: 02:55

  2. The curves and zig-zags in a domino computer are meant to delay a signal. 11:24

  3. Watch a domino computer attempt to add 3 and 9 to get 12: 17:32

Written by Curiosity Staff November 13, 2015