You Can, And Maybe Should, Eat An Apple Core

Why do we avoid the apple core? It turns out we don't need to. It's safe to eat an apple in its entirey—including the core. Eat the apple from the bottom up, says The Atlantic, and the core is "not noticeable"—all you have to do is spit out the seeds. (This is generally considered a smart move, as apple seeds release a tiny amount of cyanide when digested.) Discarding the core wastes approximately 30% of the apple, and, if everyone's doing it, potentially billions of dollars. Check out these videos to watch someone eat an entire apple, and find out about other foods you've been eating wrong.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Eating an apple from the bottom enables you to eat the entire fruit. 00:11

  2. Here's how to quickly make your chicken wings "boneless": 01:08

  3. Bits of Toblerone bars can be broken off with one hand. 01:44

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