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Would You Pay $80,000 to Go Luxury Camping in Antarctica for a Week?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like the tough grittiness of camping in the wilderness, and those who scoff at the idea of getting remotely close to nature. But then there are the outliers — the few who would pay the price of a Porsche 911 GT3 to go luxury camping in one of the most remote, hostile environments on Earth. Talk about a niche crowd.

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Could Ya Spare 80 Grand?

Located in the Antarctic interior, the White Desert resort's piece de resistance is the cluster of heated, igloo-like fiberglass pods that make up Whichaway Camp. The company touts the "carbon-neutral" experience of glamping with them as being just as luxurious as it is adventurous. "From a distance, our camp looks like Mars or a lunar camp," Robyn Woodhead, co-founder of the luxury lodge, tells CNBC. Inside is a different story: The pods are outfitted with full baths and kitchens, a library, a lounge, fur throws on mid-century furniture, a dining room straight out of "Game of Thrones," and freely flowing champagne.

They don't call it "luxury" for nothing: A weeklong stay with White Desert will run you $80,000 per person. Or, you know, just take a casual one-day trip to the campsite from Cape Town for just $10,000. Who would spring for this otherworldly expense? Prince Harry and astronaut Buzz Aldrin would, at least. To make things even more exclusive, the campsite is only available in November and December — the peak of the Antarctic summer.

Nothing Around, Yet So Much to Do

This exclusive resort doesn't qualify as glamping just because of its fur-trimmed seating and insane price tag. Visitors at White Desert have an array of surreal activities to choose from. No weenie roasts here, you guys. Activities at the camp are led by a staff of 11 who will tailor your trip to fit all of your most exotic needs. Ice climbing, skiing, trekking through ice tunnels, kite-skiing, and flying over the South Pole? Check.

Not sure about you, but our ears perked up when we heard that you can visit one of the local science bases. Another activity that is certainly unique to this Antarctica adventure is the opportunity to see 6,000 Emperor penguins marching and squawking together in their native habitat. Ever camped with a penguin?

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Written by Joanie Faletto December 20, 2017

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