Working Out Rewires Your Brain

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A recent report from a team at Princeton University identifies yet another huge benefit to working out. According to this research, exercising actually reorganizes your brain to handle stressful situations better. This is because exercise promotes the growth of neurons in the area of the brain that regulates anxiety. This means that when you are presented a threatening situation, the brain of a person who exercises regularly will respond differently than someone who doesn't. The brain will create more anxiety in the brain of someone who is not in great shape to help give that person everything it can so the person can get away safely. Anxiety levels stay low in the brain of someone who works out regularly because the brain knows this person in better physical standing has a good chance of escaping safely.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. When you exercise, your brain reorganizes itself to handle stress better. 00:15

  2. Younger neurons are usually more easily excitable than older ones. 00:45

  3. Working out affects your fight-or-flight reflex. 01:30

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