Wombats Poop Out Little Cubes

Wombats Poop Out Little Cubes

Wombats excrete tiny, cute (???) little cubes of poop every night, leaving up to 100 of the smelly squares around their territories. The poop's distinctive shape is no accident: it makes the pieces less liable to roll off of the surfaces that the wombat wants to mark. These marsupials have a habit of pooing on top of rocks and logs to demarcate their stomping grounds, and if their scat was more rounded, it would easily topple.


from Robyn Lawrence

Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Wombat droppings are some of the driest known droppings of any mammal or marsupial. (0:21)

  • 2

    See a model of a wombat's digestive tract: (1:13)

  • 3

    Wombat droppings might achieve their cubic shape in the proximal colon, where they could be tumbled and flattened. (2:13)

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