Withings Activité Steel Watch

Most activity trackers necessarily sacrifice form for function. Not so for the Withings Activité Steel watch. This sleek, chrome-finished watch looks like an analog watch, but there's an extra inset face with another hand. This keeps track of your daily steps—just glance down, and you'll see how you're coming along on your daily goals. You don't need a smartphone to use the Activité Steel, but sync up to one and you'll unlock the watch's full potential. It can track your sleep schedule, chart your activity over the course of the day, and optimize your physical performance with a comprehensive top-down view. And best of all, you'll look great doing it.

Right now, the Withings Activité Steel watch is available in the Curiosity Store for $89.95—that's half off of its normal price. Check it and other gadgets out today.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 13, 2017

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