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Wi-Charge Can Charge Your Phone Whenever You Walk Into The Room

One quick and easy way to induce anxiety is to misplace your phone charger. You're stressed out just thinking about it right now, we know. What if instead of dealing with your wiry bundles and ports and mats and plugs and cords, you could just...walk into a room? That's basically how Wi-Charge works.

Look Ma, No Cords!

Wi-Charge might not quite signal the death of the wired plug phone charger, but it surely aims to disrupt that need a bit. The device itself looks something like a smoke detector on the ceiling. As long as your phone, tablet, laptop, wireless speakers, etc. are in view of the Wi-Charge, you'll get the juice. It's technology they call "line-of-sight." Initially, Wi-Charge will rely on dongles plugged into your device in order to transmit power, but internally installed receivers would remove that hassle.

The product isn't commercially available yet, but the first phase will roll out in early 2018. You won't be able to install one of these suckers in your home just yet. Wi-Charge is making its debut in commercial spaces, which, considering the panic and stress of a dying phone while on-the-go, might be more helpful anyway.

Cracking Wireless Power

In August 2017, the product received approval from the FDA. Yes, that FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. Anything transmitted over the air has to comply with safety and commercial regulations, which is usually overseen by the FCC. For example, radio frequency waves that help Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work are FCC-approved. 

Wi-Charge, however, needed the go-ahead from the FDA. This product uses infrared beams to pump up your phone battery, making Wi-Charge the first company to achieve the power/range/safety level required for a commercial wireless power solution. Because the FCC doesn't deal in infrared beams, the FDA was needed to ensure this technology is safe for people to be around.

It's taken years for Wi-Charge to get to this point, and it keeps inching closer to reality. "The speed of charging and range have been improved, but are roughly the same as before. Range can reach up to 10 meters indoors, and power is up to three to four watts per device," Ori Mor, Wi-Charge's co-founder and vice president of research and development, told Digital Trends. "The speed of charging is slower than cable charging, but since the charging happens in the background without you even knowing, there's no need for fast charging."

Wi-Charge: The New Era of Wireless Charging

Written by Joanie Faletto September 15, 2017

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