Why You Shouldn't Sing "Happy Birthday"

The song you likely hear at least once a year, "Happy Birthday," was originally called "Good Morning To You." However, the song is protected under copyright, and you must pay a fee to Warner Music before singing it for profit or as a public performance. The company that originally copyrighted the song in 1935 was bought by Warner Music Group in 1988, and the copyright is not set to expire until the year 2030.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The melody for "Happy Birthday" was composed in 1893 by a school principal. 00:54

  2. The song "Happy Birthday" was copyrighted in 1935. 01:01

  3. No one can sing "Happy Birthday" for profit without paying royalties to the company that owns it. 01:13

Written by Curiosity Staff September 16, 2015

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