Why Wine Can Be Good For You

You don't necessarily need to be a scientist to understand that drinking wine has its benefits. That first sip of your favorite wine, recently poured into your favorite glass after a stressful day at work, seems to make all the problems of the day fade blissfully away — leaving you with a lovely sense of calm.

However, most of us are also acquainted with the darker side of drinking wine; that one extra glass (or perhaps two or three extra glasses) that seemed like such a grand idea when it was poured by an enthusiastic and well-meaning hand, but instead quickly turned your night of relaxation and intelligent conversation into a morning of regret and sorrowful lamentation.

Yet if you can manage to drink the recommended amount of wine (roughly one or two glasses a night, depending on your age, sex, and weight) without falling to the temptation of excess, your mind and body can benefit greatly in both the immediate and distant future.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't hesitate to pour yourself a glass or two every night.

Your Heart Will Thank You

It turns out that moderate alcohol consumption in general reduces the risk of having a heart attack by roughly 30 percent when compared to the same risk for non-drinkers. And while more studies are needed in order to determine just how much more beneficial wine is than other types of alcohol when it comes to this reduction, there's a consensus within the medical community that wine is at least a tad better when it comes to your health than downing a few shots of rum or vodka.

You'll Reduce Your Risk of Type II Diabetes

In addition to warding off heart attacks, moderate drinking is associated with significantly reducing the risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes—a long-term metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Once again, drinking wine has shown to be especially effective when it comes to avoiding this nasty disease, with one of the latest and most prominent studies involving this correlation finding that the polyphenol compounds in red wine are likely to thank for keeping the body's blood sugar at reasonable levels.

Fewer Calories!

Wine is hands-down one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages around. That's due in part to the fact that a large majority of the calories found in a glass of wine come only from the alcohol itself, as opposed to added sugars or starch sources such as malted barley. For example, one beer (12 ounces with 5 percent alcohol) contains roughly 150 calories, one rum drink (7 ounces with 40 percent alcohol) contains roughly 155 calories, yet one drink of wine (5 ounces with 12 percent alcohol) contains only around 120 calories.

Your Lungs Will Be Happier

It's true that most of the praise heaped on wine in terms of its health benefits has been directed toward red wine specifically. Yet this is more than a bit unfair to white wine and its millions of advocates across the globe, since research from the University of Buffalo suggests that drinking white wine is great for your lungs. Although the link between white wine consumption and lung health remains a bit unclear, researchers believe it has something to do with white wine's abnormally high antioxidant content, which plays a major role in combatting cancer-causing free radicals.

Of course, none of this fantastic news means you should go out and get wine-plastered every night for the sake of your health. The benefits of drinking wine quickly become overshadowed by far more serious health risks if you overindulge, and you should always check with your doctor to make sure even one or two glasses a night is acceptable. After all, everyone is different.

So Treat Yourself

If you want to responsibly take advantage of wine and all of its miraculous health benefits, however, you don't even need to leave your home. Services like Winc Wine Delivery offer outstanding deals on top-notch wines from around the world, which you can have delivered straight to your door for less than $7 a bottle (a 50 percent discount).

So instead of going out and wasting money at the bar, get a few bottles of your favorite wine delivered to your door and enjoy a glass or two every night. Your heart, mind, and lungs will thank you.

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Written by Curiosity Staff October 5, 2017

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