Why Polyamory May Not Be The Solution To A Stale Relationship

When you've been in a long-term, monogamous relationship for a few years, it's natural for things to get a little boring. Many couples consider opening the relationship up to polyamory—a word that comes from the Greek "poly," meaning many, and the Latin "amor," meaning love, and involves maintaining multiple relationships at one time. According to the video below, however, many couples think too much about the benefits and not enough about the drawbacks of such a setup. Watch it to learn more.

Why Polyamory Won't Work For You

It seems like the perfect solution for a relationship gone stale. But is it?

The Secret To A Successful Relationship

Researchers say this one thing can predict with 95 percent certainty whether a relationship is healthy. Should we leave you in suspense? We'll leave you in suspense.

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Characteristics Of Doomed Relationships

Not to get dark on you, but...

Written by Curiosity Staff November 29, 2016