Why People Who Smoke Look Old

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Most of us are well aware of the effects of smoking on our health. But can smoking actually make you age faster? The short answer: yes. Not only can this vice potentially shorten your lifespan, but it can also have cosmetic repercussions. Discover the science behind why this happens in the following videos.

How Smoking Can Age You

It starts with your blood vessels.

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Smoking Versus Vaping

What's the difference? Are the risks the same?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Vaporizers use electrical current to heat substances to a controlled temperature, creating a vapor with minimal combustion. 01:20

  2. The e-liquid found in electronic cigarettes contains a base similar to the ones used in makeup and food to prevent sogginess. 01:59

  3. Vaporizer use is a relatively new trend, so longitudinal studies on it have not yet been conducted. 03:32

Why Do We Age?

Learn how factors like cells, genetics, and behavior play a part.

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