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Why Not "Air" Your Child In A Baby Cage?

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Nothing good could come from the phrase "baby cage." But in the late 19th century, parenting books were praising these literal cages as ways of promoting good health in babies and infants. The baby cage was a wired box that attached to the frame of a window, jutting out from a building and seeming to hang in the air. The baby cage was meant to be a solution for families living in city apartments that could not play with children in a yard. The idea with these cages was that "airing" your baby outdoors would be healthy, as it would expose your child to clean, fresh air and "toughen up" your child. Some parenting experts also believed that exposing children to chilly outdoor temperatures could make them better able to withstand that common cold.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. "Baby cages" acted as replacements for gardens for parents of infants. 00:42

  2. "Baby cages" were cages that hung outside windows for young kids to sit in and enjoy the outdoors. 00:57

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