Why New York Has A Statue Of John Wilkes Booth's Brother

If you went to high school in the United States, you almost certainly know the name John Wilkes Booth. President Lincoln's assassin changed history in one night when he snuck into a theater box with a .41 caliber Derringer. But before that impulsive decision, the name "Booth" was already on the lips of the nation—but they were talking about John's renowned older brother Edwin. The brothers were members of a famous family of actors, but only Edwin seemed to fulfill their father's promise. The older Booth grew famous for his portrayal of Hamlet, both in the U.S. and abroad, and also turned heads with his passionate embrace of abolitionism. Though John died shortly after his greatest misdeed, Edwin carried on his family's legacy, and that's why you can find a statue of the elder Booth in New York City's Gramercy Park.

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Statue Of John Wilkes Booth's Brother In New York City

Written by Curiosity Staff May 2, 2017

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