Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine

If you've had a good laugh recently, keep it up: science shows there are numerous reasons why laughing is good for you.

Knock, knock. Who's there? Longevity and health—so long as you nail the punchline. The adage about laughter being the best medicine is actually doctor-approved and recommended. Chocked full of mental, emotional and physical benefits, laughing not only makes us feel happy and relaxed, but allows us to live longer, be healthier and provides an edge when battling ailments like mental illness. Laughter helps combat stress by increasing blood flow throughout the body, boosts the immune system, heightens your threshold for pain and even assists in facilitating better breathing. The boost in blood flow helps break down blockages in arteries caused by stress and anxiety, releasing an uptick of T-cells, B-cells and Gamma-interferons—cells and proteins that fight against disease. (Bonus points if you're a woman, who tend to make audiences laugh 127 percent more than their male counterparts.)

Unsurprisingly, research also found that laughing among company enhances cooperation, signals social bonding and can stimulate romance between joke teller and listener. With a seemingly unending list of positive side effects, it's hard to deny the importance of laughter in life. So if you're feeling blue, invite a few pals over for a giggly—and subsequently healthy—night in with friends.


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Key Facts In This Video

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    The average person laughs 17 times a day. (0:31)

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    The origins of laughter may lie in a sigh of relief expressed by our ancient ancestors after a frightening incident. (1:58)

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    Laughter helps us to relax by shutting off a valve that transports stress and adrenaline throughout the body. (2:40)


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