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Why Is This Desert So Colorful?

Deserts are barren areas of land with hostile living conditions. It's normal to see many shades of brown in an arid or semi-arid climate, but what about vibrant blue? That's exactly the color explorers spotted outside of the desert town of Moab, Utah. Researchers theorized that it was some sort of industrial operation, but geological records revealed something quite different: the culprit is a chemical called potash. In the following videos, learn how potash turned a desert into a rainbow, then uncover the future of our deserts.

View The Colorful Desert Area Near Moab, Utah

While these colors are unusual for a desert, they do have a purpose.

Is Earth Turning Into A Big Desert?

Planet Earth is a constantly shifting landscape of eight biomes. What does this mean for our future?

Written by Curiosity Staff December 8, 2016

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