Why is Someone Who is Lazy Called a Couch Potato?

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You're deep into a weekend of Netflix binging when your judge-y roommate calls you out. "Way to be a total couch potato, Anna!" Why yes, you've been lounging on the couch and shoveling popcorn into your mouth all weekend, but what makes you a "potato"? As it turns out, we know the exact days the phrase 'couch potato' was written and uttered. In the following video, learn about the "boobtubers" behind this phrase and potential reasons it came to be.

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Lazy = Potato. But why?

The phrase first appeared in a 1979 LA times article.

Weird Word Origins

The term soccer actually originated in England.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. As language progresses over time, nouns have a tendency to become verbs. 00:23

  2. Association football emerged in England in the 1800s, which was shortened to the word "soccer" in 1860. 01:18

  3. The name for the root vegetable rutabaga was also once slang for dollars in the 1940s. 02:14

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