Why Does Popcorn Pop?

While you're scarfing down a bag of popcorn at the movie theater or indulging in a giant container of the caramelized variety from the holidays, you might be wondering: how does popcorn work? We know that popcorn comes from a specific type of corn with a hard shell called a hull. This hull combines with a small water droplet in the kernel to create that "pop!" you know and love. Watch the following video to hear a quick explanation of the scientific process behind popcorn.

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Not All Corn Is Created Equal

There's a nifty scientific process behind your favorite snack.

Watch Popcorn Pop In Slow Motion!

Water droplet turns into steam, steam builds pressure, pressure pops the hull. Feast your eyes.

Here's Why Pop Rocks Pop

Those silly carbon dioxide bubbles...

Written by Curiosity Staff December 22, 2016

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