Why Do We Say "O'Clock"?

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If someone asks you the time, saying "six" gets as much information across as "six o'clock." So why do so many people say the latter? And where does that phrase even come from? It dates back to a time when that information was essential. Watch the video below to learn more about "o'clock" and other word origins.

Why We Say "O'Clock"

It originated around the same time as "jack o'lantern" and "will o'the wisp."

Why Do We Only Say "Merry" For Christmas?

Every holiday is preceded by "happy," except Christmas. Why?

Why Do People Say "Roger" On CB Radios?

It dates back to the telegraph, oddly enough.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Astronauts and HAM radio communicators say "Roger" as voice procedure. 00:14

  2. People would type "R" to denote that a telegraph has been received. 00:42

  3. The American army and navy formed an alphabet that assigns a word to every letter. 01:04

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