Why Do We Punish Criminals?

Punishing criminals is such a basic part of society, it almost seems strange to question why we do it. But people have some conflicting reasons for the practice. Maybe we punish criminals because while they're in jail, they won't commit more crimes, or because doing so discourages other wannabe criminals from following suit. That's called consequentialism, and it's rooted in the real-world effects of punishment. Then there's retributionism, which is the more popular belief that when a person does wrong, they deserve punishment—the problem is, how can you tell how much punishment a person deserves? Watch the video below to learn the difference, and keep scrolling for some alternate possibilities to demanding an eye for an eye.

Crime, Law, And Punishment

What is Cruel And Unusual Punishment?

Forgiving A War Criminal

Written by Curiosity Staff May 18, 2017

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