Why Do Some People Tolerate Spicy Food Better Than Others?

We all know someone who can't get enough red pepper on their pizza, hot sauce on their tacos, and heat in their curry. Likewise, you probably can name a friend who can't stand any of those things. What makes some people seek out spice and some people avoid it at all costs? According to the video below, it comes down to a bit of genetics and a bit of psychology.

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Why Do Some People Tolerate Spicy Food?

Are Spicy Food Lovers More Manly?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Black residue found in 6,000 year old cooking pots proved that Ancient Europeans in Denmark and Germany liked spicy food. 00:47

  2. Testosterone is found in both men and women, however it is found significantly more in men. 01:42

  3. Eating spicy foods can boost your metabolism and positively effect the cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems 02:34

Written by Curiosity Staff April 24, 2017

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