Why Do People Say "Mayday" In An Emergency?

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You've heard pilots in movies say "mayday!" when a plane is going down. But why don't they say "help!" or "emergency!" instead? The video below uncovers the history of this interesting term.


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Why Do People On Planes Say "Mayday" In An Emergency?

"Help" doesn't sound like much on a radio.

Why Do People Say "Roger That"?

It comes down to the phonetic alphabet.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Astronauts and HAM radio communicators say "Roger" as voice procedure. 00:14

  2. People would type "R" to denote that a telegraph has been received. 00:42

  3. The American army and navy formed an alphabet that assigns a word to every letter. 01:04

Why Do People Say "God Bless You"?

It was actually decreed by a pope.