Why Do People Claim To See Ghosts?

The quintessential spooky staple is a ghost. Ghost stories have existed since the beginning of time, and continue today. But why do accounts of seeing or "feeling" a ghost persist? The video below explains why it's spooky to even consider the idea that ghost feelings are illusions.

Why Do People Claim to See Ghosts?

Many people (maybe even you!) have claimed to feel presence, but what do they really feel?

Can You "Create" A Ghost?

The feeling of a presence can be manufactured.

4 Strange Paranormal Phenomena

This video has a special guest—Jack Black.

The Science Of Ghosts

Is there even any science to talk about?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Multiple cultures around the world share reports of demons or monsters sitting on a person's chest as they sleep. 01:39

  2. Hear about a study that produced the feeling of a "presence" in a room: 02:46

  3. Infrasound, which humans can't hear, could potentially cause a "smearing of vision" and unsettling feelings. 05:53

Written by Curiosity Staff October 28, 2016

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