Who Won The Great Emu War?

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The Great Emu War began because around 20,000 emus were occupying the farmland of World War I veterans in Australia. The veterans requested military assistance, and received it in the form of machine guns and soldiers led by Major G.P.W. Meredith. But by the time the "fighting" was over, the emus had proven themselves especially deft at avoiding shots: Meredith calculated that only one bird was killed for every 10 bullets fired.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. After World War I, veterans who became farmers in Australia had to contend with thousands of emus invading their fields. 00:08

  2. The soldiers deployed during the Great Emu War were armed with two Lewis machine guns. 00:35

  3. During the Great Emu War, some emus would escape even after being shot by a machine gun. 01:29