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Which Shape in This Puzzle Is the Odd One Out?

Can you solve the odd-one-out shape logic puzzle? It's pretty tricky. Check it out below.

Here's the Puzzle

You have a lineup of shapes. The first is a big red square with a black outline; next is a big red square with no outline; next is a red circle with a black outline; next is a big green square with a black outline; and the last shape is a small red square with a black outline. Which of these shapes is the odd one out? Find out in the video below, or just scroll down to get the answer.

Here's the Answer

Drumroll, please! The odd shape out is ... the big red square with a black outline.

While that might seem like the very last shape you'd say was the odd one out, that's actually the reason it's the answer. It shares its color with three other shapes, its size with three other shapes, and its outline with three other shapes. No shape shares as many qualities with the others as this one does, and that makes it the odd one out. Did you get it?

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Written by Curiosity Staff May 12, 2016

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