Where In Our Bodies Do We Feel Emotions?

A 2013 study mapped the emotions of 701 subjects by asking them to note where on their bodies they felt activity increasing or decreasing. Some emotions, such as anger, caused strong increases in physical sensations (mainly in the upper body). Others, such as depression, were marked more by a decrease in activity. Sadness was an interesting case: it seemed to result in a decrease of activity in the limbs, with an increase of activity in the face and chest.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Emotions originate in the brain, but they can manifest as physical feelings throughout the body. 00:15

  2. The feeling of happiness seems to center most strongly in the head and chest. 00:52

  3. Mapping the physical locations of emotions on the body could help scientists to better understand mood disorders. 01:53

Written by Curiosity Staff September 30, 2015

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