What's The Fourth Dimension And Where Is It?

Is the fourth dimension time? Is it just another way of looking at space? The fourth dimension is a mysterious concept to humans living in a three-dimensional world. So what does the fourth dimension look like? Where is it? Does it even exist?

Where Is The Fourth Dimension?

The math doesn't quite add up...

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. There are 16 points on the four-dimensional analog of a cube. 01:15

  2. In Paris, architects have attempted to build a giant four-dimensional cube. 02:11

  3. See a virtual representation of a four-dimensional cube, also called a tesseract: 03:05

Can We Picture The Fourth Dimension?

How can we attempt to visualize it?

Perhaps There Isn't A "Fourth" Dimension

Maybe the question is if there's really a fourth dimension at all.

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What To See And Hear In The Fourth Dimension

A thorough lecture by the hilarious and smart "standup mathematician" Matt Parker.

How Many Dimensions Are In The Universe?

Does it stop at four...?

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Written by Curiosity Staff February 29, 2016