Computer Science

What's Computer Science, And What Can You Do With It?

Even if you aren't entrenched in the world of computer programming, you probably know how important computer science is. You just might not know what it is. After all, it's not as if there's a lab full of scientists somewhere, looking at a floppy disk under a microscope. In its simplest terms, computer science is the study of how to make computers do what you want them to, despite the fact that they pretty much understand math and logic and not much else. It encompasses everything from user-interface design to artificial intelligence, and it will only become more important in the future. If you don't have any computer science experience, does that mean you're left out in the cold?

Fortunately, no—you can start learning about computer science today. And better yet, you won't have to rack up student loan debt to do it. Right now in the Curiosity store we've got a comprehensive computer science program comprised of eight fully digital courses. That's a total of 78 hours worth of classes covering everything from Raspberry Pi to the business side of starting a tech company, and all for just $39. That's not for a subscription—it's a one-time price for lifetime access. There's no better way to get a hold of your future than to invest in your education, and at 89% off, now's as good a time as ever to make that investment.

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Written by Curiosity Staff May 25, 2017

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