What Would It Take To Make A Real Invisibility Cloak?

What Would It Take To Make A Real Invisibility Cloak?

Harry Potter's invisibility cloak is magical. Since the rest of us don't have magic to fall back on, scientists have to engineer incredibly high-level technology to make the same thing happen in the real world. Find out how invisibility might be possible in the video below.

What Would It Take To Make A True Invisibility Cloak?

We don't have an invisibility cloak yet, but we're close.

A Real-Life Invisibility Device

Researchers may have created a real invisibility cloak. Find out how it works.

The Physics Of Invisibility Cloaks

We can make things disappear with photonics—the science of light.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Light travels slower in water than in air. (1:17)

  • 2

    For an invisibility cloak to work, it would need to channel light from one side to every opposite side, unchanged. (3:26)

  • 3

    The front of a morpho butterfly's wings are made of alternating layers of air and chitin. (4:05)

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