What Would Happen If You Fell In A Black Hole? Depends On The Black Hole.

Imagine being caught in the tidal field of a black hole. Your feet, being closer to the black hole, feel a stronger gravitational effect than your head, and your body begins to stretch out—beginning what's known as "spaghettification"—tear in half, and spaghettify again. Eesh. Not a pleasant way to go. But what almost seems worse is the fact that there are black holes out there with an event horizon you can pass without even realizing it. And once you cross the event horizon, you never come back—your spaghettification will continue over a much longer period. So maybe don't go jumping in black holes?

Still curious about Black Holes? Watch the videos below to learn more.

How to See a Black Hole

Do Events Inside Black Holes Happen?

Written by Curiosity Staff May 8, 2017

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