What Would A Post-Gender World Look Like?

What Would A Post-Gender World Look Like?

Gender can be defined as a way to describe ourselves to others. But is it really important, or even necessary? Does society need gender equality, or gender abolishment? Postgenderists would tell you the abolishment of gender would be liberatory. Postgenderism is the idea that gender in humans should be voluntary, using the application of technology. For example, assisted reproduction would make biological sex moot, because a baby could be born from a same-sex couple or from three different parents to create a single fetus.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Hatshepsut was a queen of ancient Egypt, but she made all the carvers carve her statues as male. (2:18)

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    With assisted reproduction, babies could be born from same-sex couples and a single fetus from three parents. (3:59)

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